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Our Product

• A slick solution to the problem of making online eye-contact

• A webcam you can move around your screen

• A high end full HD camera unit

The View-You Cam is a high-quality HD web-cam which makes talking online via things like Zoom more meaningful, more real and more enjoyable. Whether you’re online for business or pleasure, it means you can make eye contact by moving your camera right next to the face of the person you’re talking to. No more forehead-to-forehead communication!
Making eye contact is so important - as the old proverb goes: Eyes are the window to the soul. The View-You Cam redefines that.

Our Story

• We wanted to see eye-to-eye when talking online

• We couldn’t find an available solution

• We created our own!

At the start of the pandemic we all started using platforms like Zoom and Teams to keep in touch. An immediate frustration for us was the inability to make eye contact: your eye-line was up into the camera OR down at the person on the screen, but not both. For us this meant a lack of human connection. So we created the world’s first webcam which can be moved around the screen. You can position it right next to the eyes of whoever you’re talking to, giving you back eye contact, just like in a real conversation. It’s also a high-end HD unit, better quality than the in-built camera on most desktops and laptops.